Scala sbt and np plugin type error in expression

I started learning scala a month or so ago, and I must say SBT is a bit of a pain to use to me ( Maven I miss you!!).

I know you can use Maven to build your scala projects instead of SBT but I was trying to do it the "scala" way

While trying to get started with a simple Hello World and I was having some issues while getting started using SBT

When using SBT apparently it's a defacto standard to use the sbt np plugin to create a scala project skeleton. But after following the instructions on how to set-up SBT and the NP plugin I stumbled upon the following error when running sbt np:

/home/ufasoli/.sbt/0.13/_settings.sbt:1: error: not found: value npSettings
[error] Type error in expression

From what I could read there were changes introduced in the sbt version 0.13 that changed the way plugins are configured. SBT's global configuration is now versioned which, from my understading means than instead of putting your global config files under ${user_home}/.sbt/settings.sbt you will need to put it under ${user_home}/.sbt/${sbt_version}settings.sbt (0.13 in our case)



You will then need to put your np plugin configuration under the plugins folder in my case /home/ufasoli/.sbt/0.13/plugins/np.sbt

 addSbtPlugin("me.lessis" % "np" % "0.2.0")

mkdir hello-world
sbt np

This sample project can be found at my github account here

Just clone and execute sbt run on the command prompt to see the Hello World message


  1. Hello,

    Have you tried giter8 for project templating ?

    1. Hi,
      Actually no, I'm pretty new to the scala world and I was following a tutorial that used NP.
      Thanks for the tip I'll give it a try.


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