Context menu disappears in Intellij idea when right clicking and using eclipse keymap

As a former user of Eclipse I switched to the Eclipse keymap (the mac version can be found here) on Intellij Idea, but there was a bug that was pretty annoying, every-time i right clicked somewhere the context menu will quickly disappear unless I moved the mouse while clicking...

This was actually caused by a bug that was filled sometime ago and the workaround is pretty easy as stated in the bug page just remove the 'button3' mouse shortcut from the "show context menu" action in your IDE preferences

I made the small change to the XML file and filled a pull request with the author, so if it gets accepted it should take care of the bug

In any case you can either download the xml file once the pull request gets accepted or do it yourself from your IDE preferences as explained in the bug page :

Open Settings | Keymap, press Copy button to create an editable copy of the Eclipse keymap, in the copy find "Show Context Menu" action in the Other group, it has multiple shortcuts defined, delete "Button3 Click" from the list of shortcuts, press Apply. Context menu will no longer disappear after right click.


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