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Use Github as a CDN to store and serve static content (JavaScript, CSS, Images) with rawgit

In this article I will be explaining how to use Github's "raw" feature coupled with rawgit to store and serve static content Please note I assume you have some basic git knowledge 1.- Creating a Github accountOk so first things first, in order to do this you need a Github account; so if you don't have one head up to the GitHub website and create one ; go ahead I'll wait :) 2.- Creating a Github repositoryLogin to your Git account and create a new repository : Provide a name for your repo (for example static_files) : 3.- Build repository structure We will now create a folder structure for our repository in order for us to organise the files, for example : cssjsimgSo now go ahead and clone your git repository from either the command line or with your favorite tool git clone Once the repository is cloned; go ahead and create the 3 folders mentioned above cd static_files mkdir css mkdir js mkdir img Ok so Git does not allow y…