Angular2 prevent ngboopstrap dialogs to close when clicking outside

The default behaviour for bootstrap modal dialogs is to close when you click outside the dialog however this is not always the desired behaviourWhen using Bootstrap 4 without the angular wrapper you need to add the data-backdrop='static' and data-keyboard="false" to the button in order to achieve this : If you are using the angular wrapper for bootstrap (and assuming you have your project already configured you can achieve this like so : export class MyComponent implements OnInit { constructor(private modalService: NgbModal) {} showDialog(): void {,{size: "lg",backdrop: 'static', keyboard: false}); } } And simply calling the showDialog() method from your template should do the trick

Prevent OSX from idle sleep

There are several ways to prevent an OSX system to sleep when idle such as the caffeine application or changing the parameters in the System preferencesHowever there is an even easier way to accomplish this without installing any extra apps, just open a terminal window and run the following command : pmset noidle You should see the following output : Preventing idle sleep (^C to exit)... Your OSX should now stay awake whilst pmset is running

Spring boot and mongodb with geo-localisation queries 1/3

MongoDB offers a number of indexes and query mechanisms to handle geospatial information, below are some of the features offered by the database : SurfacesLocation DataQuery OperationsGeospatial indexes.....More detailed information can be found at their website : MongoDB Geospatial queriesIn this 3 part post we will be creating a sample REST API application using Spring Boot, Spring Data and MongoDB to determinate if a given "Interest Point" is within a certain distance of the provided coordinates 1. Setup Before we start please ensure that you have a running MongoDB instance So let's get things started, we will be using Gradle as our build tool for this project, if you're not familiar with this build tool you can read the documentationBelow is the build file used to build our project, there is some noise in here that is related to IDE support as well as a few things needed to deploy this application in heroku which can be avoided but I've chosen to leave here f…

Spring Data force version and lastmodified date to update on JPA Entity

Spring data has a feature that allows you to track automatically a certain amount of fields through annotations :@CreatedDate : The date on which the entity was created@CreatedBy : The user that created the entity@LastModifiedDate : The date the entity was last modified@LastModifiedBy : The user that modified last the entity@Version : the version of the entity (increased each time the entity is modified and savesd)Let's say for example we have this simple entity with the appropriate annotations : @Entity @EntityListeners(AuditingEntityListener.class) public class Contact implements Serializable { private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; @Id @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.IDENTITY) private Long id; @Version() private Long version = 0L; @NotNull @CreatedDate private Date creationDate; @NotNull @Size(max = 50) @CreatedBy private String creationUserLogin; @NotNull @LastModifiedDate private Date m…

Use Github as a CDN to store and serve static content (JavaScript, CSS, Images) with rawgit

In this article I will be explaining how to use Github's "raw" feature coupled with rawgit to store and serve static content Please note I assume you have some basic git knowledge 1.- Creating a Github accountOk so first things first, in order to do this you need a Github account; so if you don't have one head up to the GitHub website and create one ; go ahead I'll wait :) 2.- Creating a Github repositoryLogin to your Git account and create a new repository : Provide a name for your repo (for example static_files) : 3.- Build repository structure We will now create a folder structure for our repository in order for us to organise the files, for example : cssjsimgSo now go ahead and clone your git repository from either the command line or with your favorite tool git clone Once the repository is cloned; go ahead and create the 3 folders mentioned above cd static_files mkdir css mkdir js mkdir img Ok so Git does not allow y…

Preventing bash commands to be displayed in the history or deleting a specific command from history

It's sometimes useful when using the linux command line to prevent things to go into the bash history; for example if you're using curl to download a file while providing your username password.This can be easily done in linux by configuring the HISTCONTROL variable in either your ~/.bashrc (which I recommend in order to have it permanently in your bash sessions) or by just changing the value for your current session. Either way either set the variable as follows on your ~/.bashrc or on your current session HISTCONTROL=ignorespace If you took the ~/.bashrc approach don't forget to source it to have i Once this is done commands that you start with a white space will be ignored : [root@myserver] curl -o strx25.tar.bz2 --user user:password note the whitespace before the curl commandRemoving a specific line from historyNow if you have to remove a specific line from history this is done in 2 steps Display commands…

OSX Wi-fi and Ethernet network simultaneously connected and static routing

So recently I had a situation where I had my Ethernet and Wifi connected to 2 different networks in my MAC OS X, and I had a very specific use case for this I needed to use the Ethernet connection to access 1 specific host (an internal web service), the connection through the ethernet cable allowed this but did not allow internet access, the Wifi connection allowed internet access but will not allow access to the internal web service, so basically what I needed was :Have both connections activeAccess the internal web service through the Ethernet connectionAccess all the other hosts through the Wi-fi connectionJust connecting both interfaces does not work I was either getting access to the internet or either access to the internal WebService; if you check this article over at apple OS X network interfaces priority you can see that you can change the priority used by the system to route the requests; so if you change the priority of the Wi-fi to be on top you get internet access but not…