Enabling reading stats on kobo devices with side loaded epubs

I'm a big fan of ereaders and I've own several of them, I currently own a Kobo Aura HD and I'm really happy with it, but there was something missing, something from the Kindle world that I really liked the "time remaining" feature

Kobo firmware 2.3 introduced some nice utilities, similar to what amazon brought with their Kindle Paperwhite, to enhance the reading experience, among them chapter pagination and "remaining time" for book and chapter

The issue with these features is that by default they are only available for EPUBs that you bought directly from Kobo since these are actually no longer EPUBs but KEPUBs (Kobo epubs) so that they can add these new gimmicks

But as usual Calibre comes to the rescue since someone has developed a plugin (which is actually an extended Kobo driver for calibre) that enables the Kobo specific stuff to side-loaded epubs

You can find it here and the mobileread thread where you can get more infos regarding this plugin

The plugin developer states that it should work with the Kobo Aura but that is "officially untested". Well I did test it with my Kobo Aura HD, and I can say (at least for the moment) that I had 0 issues with it and all works as expected ! (once I upgraded my Calibre version that was actually pretty stale)

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