EclipseLink (JPA) Spring - No persistence exception translators exception

I recently stumbled upon a Spring Exception while working with Spring Data JPA and attempting to deploy a WAR file on glassfish. I have a JTA datasource defined in my glassfish which is used by Spring (through JNDI) to instantiate my entity manager. The JPA configuration was pretty straight forward but every time I tried to deploy the app on Glassfish I stumbled upon the error :
Error creating bean with name 
Initialization of bean failed; 
nested exception is java.lang.IllegalStateException: 
No persistence exception translators found in bean factory.
Cannot perform exception translation.
Apparently when using Hibernate there is an easy fix for this : Declaring a Hibernate Exception Translator in the spring beans config file :

When using EclipseLink though this doesn't work... So I looked for implementations of the spring interface : 

And found out that there is not an EclipseLinkExceptionTranslator (as for Hibernate) but there is a EclipseLinkJpaDialect

That implements the interface so I created a bean in the spring configuration file and I was able to deploy the app on the glassfish.

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